CSEAS Indonesia

NGO Management Certificate Program

1This innovative and intensive program offered students the opportunity to examined how international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) were affected by changes in their operating context. Students would become more familiar with the distinctive features of these organizations, their managerial challenges, their economic dynamics, their social and political environments, and the values they seeked to realize. An intensive curriculum engaged students via a case-based pedagogy that required them to applied various principles central to the management of international NGOs. Over the course of the program, students would conducted several different projects related to the varied phases of a particular international NGO’s operations.

Social, environmental, and other issues are growing increasingly complex and challenging, and many NGOs faced tasks that required practical management and communication skills to further their cause. This program carried out the theme “Revitalizing the Spirit of the Youth Pledge Towards the Civil Society Empowerment”. The main objective was to provided students with the knowledge and skills necessary to work in the field. Recognized experts in their disciplines teach the courses, and guest speakers from NGOs, corporations, academia, and the media also present their views.

This program held on January 26th 2012 – January 31th 2012 in Hongkong. Students had opportunity to get short training about how to be a good fundraiser from the experts of Association Fundraiser Profession Hongkong. They learned more about strategic planning for NGO & Networking of NGO at Dompet Dhuafa Hongkong. And then students had a set of discussion about community development at City University of Hongkong and Consulate General of The Republic of Indonesia. They also did field observation to migrant worker shelter of Dompet Dhuafa Hongkong. The outcome are when they graduate from this program, students have the ability to manage and pioneering NGO in their own environments.




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