CSEAS Indonesia

Industrial Visit Jakarta-Singapore-Johor

Enrich students experience with industrial visit program organized by the Center for Southeast Asian Studies ( CSEAS ). This program is an annual CSEAS program, which this year carries out the theme “Youth in ASEAN Country with Access to University”. The main objective is to learn more about educational access scheme which is owned by youth in three countries , namely Indonesia , Singapore , and Malaysia. During this program, the activities divided into four elements consisting of forums (interaction with the local youth), mini conferences, scholarships searching, and enhancement of leadership skills.

The official visit to the university held in three cities and three countries, Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University, National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technology University and the University of Technology Malaysia. The participants not only visited the university in the program, various international institutions also participated in the program agenda industrial visit, such as the ASEAN Secretariat , Institution of Southeast Asian Studies. Prior to departure , participants will also be equipped with general knowledge about ASEAN countries as young ambassadors of the country by ASEAN Secretariat.

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