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RI Intensively Communicates in Settling the South China Sea Dispute


Detik.com, Friday 26 June 2015,

Jakarta- Minister of Foreign Affairs, Retno LP Marsudi emphasizes and clarifies that Indonesia’s stance in the South East China Sea dispute is neutral. Retno hopes all the countries involved in the dispute implements early conclusion or the outline from the code of ethics and the code of conduct.

“We are now intensively communicating  with all parties so that early conclusion from the code of conduct (COC) will be applied immediately,” stated Retno upon attending High Level International Workshop event  2015 on ‘Managing South China Sea Conflict From ASEAN Perspective’ in Sumba Room, Borobudur Hotel, Central Jakarta on Friday (26/6/2015)

Retno cannot hang on wishes towards the South China Sea Conflict resolution. Although, the sooner the better. “We will communicate with all the parties, in this case Indonesia will talk more comfortably,” she added.

Due to Indonesia’s stance in the neutral position, therefore its parties can drive the settlement of the South China Sea conflict to be made sooner. “Insya Allah we will assure and make the South China Sea to become a region of peace and stability” declared Retno.

The dispute that occurred in the South China Sea, a region rich in natural resources, involves China and several other countries in the South East Asia region such as Malaysia, Philippine, Vietnam, Brunei Darussalam and Cambodia.

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