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Profile Astryd Viandila Dahlan


Areas of expertise

  • Waste-to-Energy
  • Solid waste management
  • Hazardous waste

Research interests

Astryd is interested in solid waste management, especially in choosing the best waste-to-energy technology for the city in developing countries and how to solve environmental concerns from the waste-to-energy itself. Besides that, she is interested in plastic waste and the circular economy. Her current works include quantifying plastic waste, assessing plastic waste’s circular economy, and assessing the implementation of segregation at the household level.

Biographical Statement

Astryd Viandila Dahlan is a Lecturer at Universitas Indonesia (UI) for the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. She joined the university in 2020. Before joining UI, she has several years of research and consulting experience on waste-to-energy and sanitation in Indonesia. Astryd holds a Doctoral degree in environmental engineering from the Tokyo Institute of Technology.  Her dissertation studied by-products from waste-to-energy technology, incinerator, which is an environmental concern because it is categorized as hazardous waste. It also looked at the geochemical structure from the derivatives, giving new treatment methods to solve the current problems from the by-products.