CSEAS Indonesia

Profile M. Nur Rianto Al Arif

Areas of expertise

  • Industrial Organization
  • Economic Development
  • Halal Industry
  • Banking and Finance

Research interests

Prof Al Arif has been pursuing the field of economic development and industrial organization since 2010. He is particularly devoted to implementing sustainable development in developing countries, especially in achieving the SDGs. In addition, he also conducted many studies on industrial organizations, especially in the banking, financial and halal industries, both in Indonesia and the ASEAN region.

Biographical Statement

Al Arif has been a Senior Research Fellow at CSEAS Indonesia since 2020. In addition, Al Arif is also listed as a Professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business, Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University Jakarta. Al Arif has research and consulting experience in industrial organizations, the halal industry, and economic development in Indonesia.

Al Arif holds a Doctorate in economics at the University of Indonesia. The dissertation written regarding the spin-off on the Islamic banking industry in Indonesia, this research is a comprehensive study of the spin-off policy applied to the Islamic banking industry in Indonesia. Al Arif was a senior research fellow at Laboratoire d’Analyse et de Prospective Économiques Université de Limoges in 2018. Al Arif has published a number of books and scientific articles on studies of industrial organization and economic development.