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Email : bistiika@gmail.com

Areas of expertise

  • International Relations
  • Sustainable Development
  • Cultural Diplomacy
  • Border issues in ASEAN Countries

Research interests

Social Development, Civil society and Democracy, Contemporary Global Issues, Cultural Diplomacy, Sustainable Development and Economic Development in border of ASEAN Countries


Bisti Ika Currently is JUnior Researcher of Center for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS). Her current research projects include assessment of ASEAN Economic Community 2015, SMEs development in Southeast Asia, China-ASEAN Free Trade Agreement, Poverty and Social Entrepeneurship in Southeast Asia, Assesment of Economic Development in Kalimantan Barat – Sarawak Border. Trainer for Public Speaking Training at ASEAN Adventure Camp at Phuket, Thailand.

Awards and Grants

  • Selected join India Model of United Nations Conference in Caitanya Barathi Institute of Technology Hyderabat India.
  • Selected join World Culture Forum 2013 organized by Ministry of Education and UNESCO  in Bali
  • ASEAN Youth Leadership Camp 2014 at Universiti Utara Malaysia, Kedah

Training and Workshop

  • Kahfi, School of Public speaking and Hypno communication Vocational Education and Training,  2012- present
  • Workshop and Art Performance of Intercultural Relations between Indonesia and China, Promoting Angklung as Cultural Diplomacy between Indonesia-China (2013)
  • Participant of “International Relations Diplomatic Course” Representative of Canada (Organization of American State) in Diorama State Islamic University of Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta
  • Participant of “Second International Studies Club Diplomatic Course” representative Ecuador (in General Assembly)
  • participant of  Regional Seminar On Searching For ASEAN Identity Amongst The Youths In Southeast ASIA Challenges Prospects by Djauhari Oratmangun(Director-General For ASEAN Cooperation Minister Of Foreign Affairs Republic Of Indonesia)



  • The Impact of CAFTA ( China ASEAN Free Trade Area) to Small Medium Enterprise in Indonesia : Case Study of Toys Industry, Journal of Foreign Policy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, RI, 2013

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